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Debt Advice

Debt Advice Citizens Advice Lancashire West

To contact Citizens Advice Lancashire West Debt Team, please phone: 01257 265432

(Mobile users can simply tap on the above phone number link to auto-dial)

Dealing with money issues can sometimes be scary. It’s always important to open all your post and either contact your creditor or seek help if you are struggling to pay a bill or don’t understand something. Knowing your rights and the consequences of being in any arrears to your creditors can help you make the best decision on tackling your debt issues going forward.

The following links will give you some of the information you need to make the right choices, including how to avoid getting into arrears, help to deal with your debt issues, what to do if you have an emergency and how to get your finances back into shape.

To help you find the information you require more easily, we have broken each Category into relevant sub-categories. Please choose the one closest to your requirement:

Trouble paying bills due to Coronavirus

Help and Advice with paying bills due to Coronavirus  

General Debt Issues

Help and Advice with General Debt Issues  

Financial Capability

Making the best use of the money you have  


Help and Advice on managing your money  

Priority and non-priority creditors

Help and Advice on dealing with your creditors  

Enforcement Agents

Help and Advice on dealing with bailiffs  

Rent Arrears

Help and Advice with Rent Arrears  

Mortgage Arrears

Help and Advice with Mortgage Arrears  

Credit Cards

Help and Advice with Credit Card debt  


Help and advice on becoming insolvent  

Contacting your creditors

Advice on when and how to make contact