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Online Enquiry

Online Enquiry

If the advice you require relates to an issue with home improvements, a vehicle, a holiday, any other service you have bought or trading standards, please contact our Consumer Helpline.

Please note: This service is available to residents or people working in Chorley, South Ribble, West Lancashire and Wyre. If you live in another part of Lancashire or England, please visit Find Your Nearest Citizens Advice Office

Please fill in as much information below as possible, the more information we receive, the better advice we can give. Fields marked with an ‘*’ are required.

If the advice you require relates to benefit entitlement, please click here for our Benefits Calculator.

    How We Use Your Information

    When we record and use your personal information we:

    1. Only access it when we have a good reason

    2. Only share it when it is necessary and relevant

    And we don’t sell it to commercial organisations.

    Special Category Data

    To record any information about the following, you will need to give explicit consent. (please tick any that apply) We will only ask about these categories of data when they relate to your enquiry, or for us to try and improve our service or produce anonymous reports. We will still advise if you do not consent to this, however if any of this information is important to your enquiry (for example health benefits) then this may limit how much we can assist or how much detail we can go into.

    Ethnicity * YesNo

    Health Conditions *YesNo

    Religion *YesNo

    Sexual Orientation *YesNo

    Trade Union Membership *YesNo

    Type of Query


    How can we contact you?




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    You can use the file attachment to send any supporting documents you feel will be of use to us (max size 4mb).

    By sending this email I give my consent for Citizens Advice to process and use my personal information in order to best answer my question . I understand that this information will be kept confidential to Citizens Advice. Click here for the full policy

    In order to help you we need to store information about you. The law says we must get your consent to do this. Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially. The information we hold on you will be used solely for the purposes of enabling us to provide you with an effective service. You have the right to make a formal request in writing for access to personal data we hold on you, and to have it corrected if it is wrong. We will not disclose information about you unless the law permits us to, or we have obtained your consent to do so. I have read the above paragraph, I agree and give my consent to the Citizens Advice service

    A copy of your request for advice will be automatically emailed to you for your records. We try to respond to all Email Advice Requests within 5 working days.