CAB News 26 July 2019

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CAB News 26 July 2019

Friday 26 July 2019

Our work raising awareness of scams has been featured in the national and local media.



‘Have you ever been scammed?’

Loose Women ITV1 (account required), 25/07/2019 (approx. 12.53pm, about 23″ into clip)

Our advice on how to spot a scam was used by the Loose Women team on Thursday’s show.

Presenter Saira Khan said: “Citizens Advice have calculated up to four million people could be scammed each year and many scams go unreported.”

Her co-presenter Gloria Hunniford added: “They’re more clever these days than ever before.”


What is Critical Illness Insurance? How long is waiting period?

Daily Express, 25/07/2019, Jess Sheldon

The Daily Express used the advice from our website in an exploration of different types of critical illness insurance.

Citizen’s Advice points out that some policyholders will need to wait a period of time before they submit a claim, said the article.

This amount can vary, with the Citizens Advice website explaining that people should check their individual policy and that there’s usually a wait of at least a month before you can make a claim.

Our website advice, featured in the paper, goes on to say: “It may cost less for illness insurance if you get sick pay from your employer or have savings you can use for the first few months.

“You can arrange illness insurance to start paying out when your other income runs out.”


New regulation proposed for IVA lenders

You and Yours (account required), BBC Radio 4, 24/07/2019 (at 12:40pm, about 32’30” into clip)

Listeners to the consumer programme You and Yours were advised to seek help from “trusted sources of advice, such as Citizens Advice”, before taking out an Independent Voluntary Arrangement – known as an IVA.

These arrangements can help people with debts. However, they are marketed and sold by big commercial companies and bad practice in the industry has led the government to look at bringing in new regulations.

Body cams made compulsory for bailiffs to tackle aggressive behaviour

BBC Breakfast News, 22/07/2019 (about 1’35” into clip)

The news that bailiffs will in future have to wear body worn cameras – and our comments on the development – continued to be covered widely in the national media.
Principal Policy Manager for Consumer and Public Services, Joe Lane, told BBC Breakfast: “Currently we see bailiffs routinely breaking the rules that govern their behaviour… Without an independent regulator to oversee the use of these cameras… that won’t protect these vulnerable people when bailiffs do mistreat them.”

Radio 4’s News Briefing, Radio 5 Live, The Independent and The Big Issue were among those who also covered the story.

Employment Advice

Your legal rights to time off work in a summer childcare emergency

Daily Mirror, 23/07/2019, Emma Munbodh

The Daily Mirror has featured our advice on what to do if you have problems with childcare over the summer holidays.

Citizens Advice employment expert Tracey Moss told the paper: “In an emergency, you are entitled to take time off to make sure your child is looked after. This is known as dependant leave.

“Your employer can’t refuse you dependent leave if you have no other choice, and you can’t be disciplined or sacked for taking the time off.”

It’s important to note that while your employer has to authorise your absence – it will, in most cases be unpaid.

“If your employer won’t give you time off, or has disciplined you for having to look after your child, contact your nearest Citizens Advice for help,” added Tracey.


Three resists watchdog’s call for ‘fairer’ mobile phone fees

BBC News Online, 22/07/2019

Ofcom, the UK’s telecom regulator, has said Three is the only major UK mobile network to have “refused” to automatically cut its customers’ monthly charge at the end of their contract’s lock-in period.

The charity network Citizens Advice – which has long campaigned against what it has described as being a “loyalty penalty” – welcomed the development, reported BBC News.

Gillian Guy told the BBC website: “Most mobile phone providers have now realised the game is up.

“Three needs to step up and if it doesn’t, then stronger action is needed to make these changes compulsory. If Ofcom is unable to do this, then government needs to intervene.”

The story was also covered by The Mirror.

Our statement can be found here.

Tenants who complain often victims of ‘revenge evictions’

Money Box, BBC Radio 4, 20/07/2019 (about 13’35” into clip)

Citizens Advice research which showed nearly half of tenants who complained about disrepair faced a ‘revenge eviction’ was quoted on Radio 4’s Money Box programme. The figure was used in a discussion about government plans to protect tenants from being evicted for no reason.

Our response, back in April, to the government’s announcement that it will consult on scrapping section 21 “no-fault” evictions in the private rented sector is here.


“Trust your gut instinct,” if you think you’re being scammed

BBC Radio Cumbria, 25/07/2019 (approx 8.13am 2’13” into clip)

Chief Officer of Citizens Advice Carlisle and Eden, Andy Auld, was asked to talk about scams on BBC Radio Cumbria’s Breakfast Show.

Andy said a list of firms that other people had already complained about was available on the FCA’s (Financial Conduct Authority) website, and stressed the importance of reporting scams.

If you report a scam to Action Fraud, said Andy, “that will increase the database of these dodgy firms and dodgy individuals.”

Andy added: “Trust your gut feeling: if you’re not sure, don’t sign up for anything, don’t hand over any money.”

In other news

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