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CAB News 24 July 2020

News – Shelter Cymru

Friday 24 July 2020

Citizens Advice has warned it has seen a huge surge in private renters worried about arrears.



Demand for Citizens Advice rent arrears advice up 332%

Inside Housing & LBC News, 23/07/20

With just one month to go until the end of the eviction ban (23 August), Citizens Advice is warning it has seen a huge surge in private renters worried about arrears.

Dame Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said: “The dramatic jump in the need for advice on rent arrears should be a warning sign for the government that many people are deeply worried about the possibility of losing their home.

“Renters have been particularly vulnerable to the economic effects of Covid-19, yet protections for them run out sooner than many of the other measures to help people struggling, including those for mortgage payers.

“Many renters won’t be in a position to repay arrears built up due to coronavirus. Without help, they risk losing the roof over their head through no fault of their own.”

See the full press release here.


Save £5,200 to pay for next year’s
holiday with the 52-week money saving

The Sun, 23/07/20

The Sun has included debt advice tips from Citizens Advice.

Loyalty Penalty

Update on the loyalty penalty

BBC You and Yours, 23/07/20 (clip starts 35:21)

Competition and Markets Authority – Latest News

Matthew Upton, Director of Policy at Citizens Advice, spoke about the progress to tackle the loyalty penalty in markets such as telecoms, insurance and mortgages.

He said: “There’s a hugely disproportionate impact in these markets on the more vulnerable consumers.

Universal Credit

Universal Credit UK: Changes come into effect today – hundreds of thousands could get £200

Express, 22/07/20

A new run-on payment system for those moving from legacy benefits onto Universal Credit
has come into effect today.

Dame Gillian Guy, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice, said: “Run-on payments are a welcome step that will lighten the burden for many legacy benefits claimants moving to Universal Credit.

“But millions of people who have lost their jobs as result of this crisis remain subject to the five-week wait.

“While advances are available, they have to be repaid, which can leave people with a choice of struggling now or struggling later.

“Turning advance payments into a grant would strengthen the safety net and make sure more people don’t face hardship or debt if they need support from Universal Credit.”



Citizens Advice Sheffield urge people to get advice before claiming during Covid-19 crisis

Sheffield Star, 23/07/20

Citizens Advice Sheffield is warning that people may be better off on legacy benefits rather than Universal Credit.

It also said that non-British people who have been in the UK for many years are now finding that their benefit claims are wrongly adjudicated or refused.

Chief Executive Clare Lodder said: “The numbers of people coming to Citizens Advice for help tells a story about the devastating and unequal impact the pandemic has had on the lives of local people, many of whom were already struggling.”

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